Kaei Lace, located in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, one of Japan's leading fabric production centers, developed the one and only lamé knit "TRICOLUM" based on the concept of "knitting light". After repeated trial runs with craftsmen, a special fabric with a lustrous, understated Japanese texture and a somehow mysterious glow was born. This is "TRICOLUM".

1. The one and only fabric

In order to express the concept of "weaving light" to the fullest, a unique twist has been applied to the lame yarn and weaving method, creating a special fabric that emits a shimmering, strong light in contrast to the understated, Japanese look of rippling movement.

2. Environmental Considerations

"TRICOLUM" is also environmentally friendly. For the base, we use recycled yarn made from plastic bottles. We will continue to select materials that meet the needs of the times.

3. Couture

While many products are made in large quantities and disposed of in large quantities, we strive to carefully make each product from fabric to finished product by human hands, one by one, with thought and care. We cherish the spirit rooted in the Japanese people's long-standing tradition of cherishing and using products with attachment for a long time.

We are a lace fabric manufacturing plant located in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. The company also manufactures fabrics for interior, apparel, and industrial material applications, as well as curtains, sofa covers, and other interior products. The Kiryu textile production area was established in the late Edo period (1603-1868) as a manufactory system that divided production from the previous hand-operated production system, and this system is still in use today. By taking on this role through our planning and unique technology, we hope to preserve the traditions of Kiryu, the textile capital of Japan, and contribute to its further development. Kaei Lace's corporate philosophy is "to develop products with our unique technology and provide 'excitement' and 'comfort' to society.

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